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Coconut Cream Whipped Sugar Scrub

Coconut Cream Whipped Sugar Scrub

Coconut Cream is one of the five signatures scents in the Nature's Love Product
collection. Why do people like it so much? It's not a beach coconut scent. Nope, it is heavenly creamy vanilla base with notes of coconut. Everyone likes this scent so much that it is now available in whipped sugar scrub, whipped body butter, car diffuser, soap, candle, and lotion. 


Why do I love scrubs so much? Because it exfoliates the dead skin and leaves smooth silky skin. My make up goes on smoother. My legs don’t need shaving as much if I use the scrub right after shaving. Oh and I don't have to use lotion if I am in a hurry because the whipped sugar scrub is moisturizing. 


 Ingredients: beeswax, emulsifying wax, organic sugar, shea butter, coconut oil, horsetail infused grapeseed oil, light olive oil,  vitamin E, fragrance oil, grapefruit seed extract.

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