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Cold and Flu Relief Bath Bomb

Cold and Flu Relief Bath Bomb

Do you have when the cold or flu hits and your body is aching, can’t breathe due to drainage or coughing like crazy? Yep, me too. That’s why I created the Cold and Flu Relief bath bomb. I have a stock of them in my bath room for if my family needs one. Stock your cabinet with a few for just in case.



Why does the Cold and Flu Relief bath bomb work? The bath bombs are infused with eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, magnesium, epsom salt, and Himalayan salt. It helps open up the air pathways and calm an achy body.



Other items recommend for the flu and cold: Elderberry Syrup, Magi Cream, Eucalyptus Inhaler, Eucalyptus Shower Steamer, Peppermint Lip Balm.



Please note: Nature’s Love Product is not making the claim it will heal or get rid of a sickness. It will help in the journey to getting the body over a sickness. You might as well help any way possible when that bug hits.

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