Eucalyptus and Mint Hand Poured Candle

Eucalyptus and Mint Hand Poured Candle

Yes! These candles and vessels are completely handmade! They are beautiful, unique, and a showstopper. Every single vessel is different from all the others. They are works of art you can have your favorite candle burning in. 


 Do you love a wood burning wick that crackles like a fire when lit? This awesome candle is unique to my regular wicked candles. 


What does Eucalyptus and Mint smell like? Imagine crisp sweet cranberries combined with pumpkin, brown sugar, and baking spices!  This fragrance combines some of the best scents of the season into one intriquing fragrance.  


Nature's Love Product candles are 100% Soy and Beeswax which makes them slow burning and long lasting. Enjoy the fragrance of a candle burning while knowing the fragrances are paraben and phthalate free.


Candle Safety: Keep candle out of reach of children. Do no move when lit. Trim wicks to keep a lower burning flame. Never leave candle unattended. Caution, hot when lit.