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Ocean Mist Whipped Sugar Scrub

Ocean Mist Whipped Sugar Scrub

Ocean Mist Whipped Sugar Scrub is an uplifting fragrance with top notes of sea salt and ocean tones with middle notes of exotic coastal florals and fresh air, and anchored with soft musk.


This is a scent that is a mainstay here at Nature's Love Product. When I first smelled Ocean Mist, it went on my favorite list of fragrances. It's like whenever I smell Ocean Mist, everything is right in the world for one second. 


Why do I love scrubs so much? Because it exfoliates the dead skin and leaves smooth silky skin. My make up goes on smoother. My legs don’t need shaving as much if I use the scrub right after shaving. Oh and I don't have to use lotion if I am in a hurry because the whipped sugar scrub is moisturizing. 


 Ingredients: beeswax, emulsifying wax, organic sugar, shea butter, coconut oil, horsetail infused grapeseed oil, light olive oil,  vitamin E, fragrance oil, grapefruit seed extract.

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