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Xeno Free Body Lotion

Xeno Free Body Lotion

Have you read all the horrific ingredients body products can have? Parabens, chemicals, Phthalates, and hormone destroying ingredients are all found in most of the products. 


The Nature's Love Product Xeno Free Line is taking taking out the "junk" from the entire line and providing non-hormone producing (this means no progesteron or estrogen producing ingredients) skincare you can use all day long without disrupting your body. There are no fragrances, not essential oils or herbs (unless found to be without hormone disrupting attributes). 


   The Xeno Free Line was created, so women and men (boy and girls) can use body loving products without the fear of disrupting hormones. 


To Use: massage a small amount of Nature's Love 
Product body lotion into skin. Feel the luxurious, light feel of the lotion.


Ingredients: grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, distilled water, vitamin E, nano mag, beeswax, emulsifying, leucideal.




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