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Xeno Free Pink Kaolin Clay Soap

Xeno Free Pink Kaolin Clay Soap

Did you know that our skin is our biggest organ. It is the biggest pore to allow toxins. Think about it for just a second, do you want to put junky based ingredients on your body which ultimately allows it IN your body.


Let’s go a step further. Xeno Free is a term used for products that have no progesterone and no estrogen producing ingredients. Pink Kaolin Clay Soap is a soap made specifically for the Xeno Free line.


Ingredients: coconut oil, grapeseed oil, pink kaolin clay, distilled water, sodium hydroxide.


Customer Product Review:

"I have been using the Xeno Free Pink Kaolin Clay Soap for about 3 weeks now.   I loved how silky the lather felt and how very clean my face felt after I rinsed.It was so squeaky clean I thought it would be a bit drying but it wasn't in the least.  But what truly surprised me was the glow the soap left behind. I was so surprised that I began researching pink kaolin clay and its benefits. Did you know that Kaolin Clay is an ingredient used in making porcelain? That would explain its smoothing results. Additionally, with regular use it helps skin to appear brighter by increasing circulation - this is what promotes the natural glow.  I even emailed the owner of Nature's Love Product to ask if others had noticed a glow.  This is a WONDERFUL cleansing bar that really does revitalize the skin!  This is going to save me a lot of money in buying cleansing creams!  Thank you Nature's Love Product!"

Camille Gallinger

Nutritionist at Think Vitality

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